Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Today, the whole market is flooded with suppliers who specialize in supplying corporate uniforms,company uniforms as well as staff uniforms. Uniform manufacturers not just supply uniforms, but they also help in designing and customizing uniforms the way you want, as per your requirements and specifications. However, while selecting your vendor, you need to choose the corporate uniform suppliers wisely based on the following criteria:

Quality Matters!

This is the first requirement and that too, a non-negotiable one. When selecting the fabric of which the uniform is to be made, you need to ensure that the maker uses the best quality fabric and does not compromise on that. This is because when your staff or employees wear the uniform, they will be considered to be the representatives of your organization and if they wear good quality clothes, it will definitely help in creating a good impression on your clients or customers. Bad quality fabric will make the uniform look dull, faded as well as will have an uneven feel to it. So make no compromises there!

So does comfort..

While deciding the look of the uniforms, apart from using high quality fabric, make sure that the manufacturer designs the uniforms in such a manner that they are comfortable to the employees or the staff. Considering that your employees or staff is going to be wearing those uniforms day in and day out, the uniforms being comfortable is the most basic requirement. Keep the uniforms as comfortable as possible. Red Prints, which is known as one of the major corporate uniform supplier will provide you great options of comfortable designs.

Pick the right colour

Another very important factor which you must carefully choose and decide while finalizing the uniforms for your establishments is the color which is to be given. As a matter of practice, it is suggested that office uniforms should have pastel our subtle and light colors and you must avoid colors like bright red, pinks, orange etc. This is because pastel or light colors give a formal look something which is required in a typical professional environment. So choose your colors wisely!
So these are some of the points which you, as an employer must always bear in mind if you are planning to put in place a policy for uniforms for your employees or staff. If you are not sure which vendor to zero in on, then Red Prints is the perfect destination to get all your uniform worries solved. Not only do they have wide options of designs to choose from, but they also offer best quality hospital uniforms at affordable rates.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Interesting Facts about School Uniforms that are Sure to make you Go WOW!!

The idea of introducing uniforms in school is surely worth applauding as it eradicates all social inequalities and makes all children seem like one. However, people from a different school of thought think that kids school uniforms should be banned and the children be allowed to wear clothes according to their wish.

While the debate goes on, Red Prints, renowned wholesale school uniform manufacturers put forth some really interesting facts about this “not so loved” clothing line. 

Let us take a look at some of these interesting facts about boys’ and girls’ school uniforms. Who knows, these may actually change the way people perceive the whole uniform system of schools. 

1.       The Beginning of the Concept: According to a well known school uniform supplier, the idea of school uniforms was first conceptualized and popularized in England during the 16th Century. The idea was majorly introduced in educational institutes for the underprivileged. The main reason for this new concept was that mass produced clothes would cost lesser and were affordable. 

2.      Lesser Fashion Crimes: Earlier American schools did not believe in the idea of uniforms for their children. However this led to a lot of tension and sometimes even crimes which was based on jealousy revolving around fashion. With school uniform manufacturers now being roped in to stitch uniforms for the students, this kind of crime has considerably reduced. 

3.      Improved Focus: According to a survey conducted, about 44% of the parents whose children wear uniforms to school applaud the idea. They believe that this actually shifts their children’s focus from clothes and thus improves their concentration and interest in studies. 

4.      A Naval Based Uniform: The design of the girls’ as well as boys’ school uniforms in Japan is adapted from the European Naval uniforms. These were first adopted by the Japanese school in the 19th century and are still very much in vogue. 

Only time will tell, whether school uniforms will continue to dominate or will be replaced soon. However, Red Prints is very enthusiastic about designing the best quality school uniforms for all.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Hospital Uniforms - Comfortable and Modern Medical Uniforms -

When it comes to superior care and best medical treatment, patients really take into a consideration a lot of things, the medical staff notwithstanding. In such a scenario, making a positive impression on the patients becomes crucial. There is no denying the fact that the hospital uniforms play an important role in this. No wonder then that most hospitals and medical care centers put in so much thought into selecting the best uniforms for their staff members.

Red Prints, one of the best uniform manufacturers, understands this demand and has been catering to a number of health care centers over the years. 

Why Go for Red Prints’ Uniforms?

With the years of experience that we hold in this arena, we design the best doctor uniforms. What’s more, we are open to designing different uniforms based on the cadre of the employee i.e. uniforms for doctors, nursing uniforms, housekeeping professional uniforms, intern uniforms and what not. Using the best quality fabric, we create the most comfortable uniforms keeping the need for functionality in mind. 

How does the Whole Uniform Ordering Thing Work?

We have an impressive brochure of hospital and corporate uniforms for you to choose the design that seems perfect for your staff. Red Prints welcomes your ideas and suggestions, in case you need to suggest some changes to the existing designs or want to add something to these. With an option to choose the fabric and color, we assure comfort, durability, functionality and affordability of these uniforms. 

The Best Part

·         Durability and Comfort: Use of high quality fabrics and impeccable workmanship ensures that the medical uniforms thus crafted ensure comfort for the staff. These are also long lasting and durable.
·         Budget Friendly: With the reasonable rates that we offer, there is no need to worry about your budget going awry. Just reach out to us and we will take care of the rest. 

·         Customization: We are not only open to ideas for designs but are also happy to add a logo or a graphic design to the uniforms that you select. We even design custom sized uniforms on request.
So, what are you waiting for? Come forth and join hands with Red Prints for all your hospital uniform needs today.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Corporate Security Uniforms: First Attraction of Your Office

Uniforms with any identity give a sense of pride. Corporate security uniforms are as important as any other uniforms available. It is a human tendency that whenever we see someone in uniform, we feel safe. The same energy is passed across by a security guard uniform. If you are one of the corporate, you might be in need of these uniform manufacturing companies who will take care of the designing and delivery of wholesale security uniforms in bulk. Red prints has been keeping the promise of meeting the demands of big corporate houses consistently.'

There are many other benefits that one can get by choosing the best security guard uniform manufacturersin India.

Here’s the deal that you don’t want to miss

         · Make them Feel Honored: When you offer uniforms to the security guards of your company, it tends to have a psychological impact on them. They show better responsibility and higher care for duty. With uniforms, they feel honored.
        · Help in Emergency: People in uniform stand out in the crowd. In case of any emergency, securities will be approachable with their badges and uniforms and that will be advantageous for you. Uniforms for security guards by Red prints have been acclaimed for the sharp colors and designs they use for you to create an impression among the visitors.
         · The Employees have a sigh of Relief: It shows that you care for the employees when you have security guards in uniforms inside and outside your office. You may have them anyway but they are noticed in uniforms. Most of the companies now have imposed that the security guards have uniforms with their respective badges so that anyone can identify them and treat with respect.

Over the years, with the growth of corporate and MNCs in India, the need of security uniforms has been getting more importance. With this, security uniform manufacturers are in high demand and the need of the hour is to get the best men at work by providing the best quality uniform. This is possible with your choice. You have a clue already. The next move is yours.

Friday, 18 August 2017

You will tell your story through the brochures that you choose for your business. Be wise in getting only the best one. Right now, every business has been thinking that they have perfect business brochure design. But here’s the catch, what you really think is the best may be just average. Have you compared your chosen design with the rest of your competitors? If you haven’t yet, it is high time to get the best brochure printing in Gurgaon like that of Red prints and flaunt your business.

Here’s the deal. You can start getting the brochure that reflects your business idea by following the strategy step by step.
     1. Design: Choose a design or a template that gives you enough space to narrate your story to the world that is waiting to hear you. You can also take help of custom brochure printing services in this regard and make your personalized design.
      2.  Color: Who says that colors don’t matter? They do. A color that is catchy and can easily captivate people should be your next step. Red prints, being one of the giants of printing in Gurgaon recommends a color that you can relate to.
      3. How much is enough: You should know what matter you want to be displayed and what should be behind the veil. When this is perfected, you will have the best design from one of the trusted brochure printing services in Delhi, NCR.

That’s not all! For all this become a reality and you capturing the niche, you will need the help of one of those top brochure design services. For this, you might have to research a little more than required and check with a bigger brand near you. The brand will use only the best. That way, you will come in contact with the magician you want to cast a spell.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best revenue for your business in the shortest span with the super power and that is business brochure decision. That may be a reason, after so much effort, your business is at same level for long. 

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Need to Have Custom Packaging Boxes for Gifting

The world has got more inclined to customization and why not when there is a personal touch to anything you customize?When you have the idea of gifting, a beautiful and trendy box can do wonder in making the person acknowledge your gift whole heatedly. Custom printed boxes are available on demand and order. If the quality of a gift is the heart, then the box ought to be the soul. For that added charisma and elegance, you need to get custom boxes from service providers like Red prints who cater to your needs and gives you exactly what you ask for.

Apart from the appearance of the gift, it is also other needs that compel you to learn about Printing Services near Me.

Here’s a look into the needs of custom packaging

        · The gift is protected from external damage: If it is an expensive gift or for that matter any gift, you want it to be delivered to the receiver without a scratch on it. Getting a strong and durable box from a Printing Company in Gurgaon can do the job for you.
       · No assumptions until the gift is opened: When you have custom packaging boxes, the person who receives the gift is clueless about what is inside the box unless it has been unwrapped. This is the best way to surprise a client, customer, loved ones and friends. There is no comparison between a gift that is given raw and a gift that has been customized.
        ·  Marketing Your Brand: A catchy and attractive box is noticed by everyone. Red prints has made it possible for many of their clients in winning over their customers in an effortless manner. A company that takes care of the wrapping of a product so meticulously will be great to work or associate with. Leave that impression and get one step closer to your dream of success.

Customization has become the key to every stratum of life. Add this key to your venture and let the ball roll effectively in the direction you want. Be it wooing your families and friends or creating a good client base, you are very close to the destination. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Top 5 Latest Trends in T Shirt Designing and Printing

T Shirt is that apparel that goes a long way in making any person; be it a male or a female look stunning. There is nothing that can substitute the casual look it offers. You can team it up with just anything and there you go. When you contact the best apparel printing in Gurgaon, you will know what the latest trends are. There are top five that can be eyed on in this season.


Latest Trends in T Shirt Printing Delhi

·       Back to Nature: Life is a vicious circle. You will, therefore, see people into apparel, especially t shirt going back to nature inspired ones. The designs of things related to Nature are getting more attention this season and Redprints has already begun its action and created a couple of them for the buyers.

·      Floral is in: When you talk of t shirt, how can we forget the floral designs that give you a fresh and younger feel. T shirt printing in Gurgaon is getting all the hype for bringing this trend back for all age groups.

·     Texts and Numbers: Something that has been trendy and will always remain so are the tags and numbers imprinted. They have always charmed the youths. You can make it your own with your logos and lines. Redprints, a popular printing house in Delhi, NCR is globally known for this art of merging creativity with personalization. It is one branch of custom tshirt printing.

·      Cartoons: Well, something that pleases youths of today is the cartoon print on a t shirt. It gives a cool appeal and can be worn on most of the occasions without a second whether it will go with the event or not. Most of the popular brands have started improvising on the look with cartoon prints so that it looks different than the previous years.

·       Abstract: Apparel manufacturer in Gurgaon is going global with abstractly designed T shirts. It is a choice highly acclaimed universally and will leave a mark this season too.

Of all the five designs that are going to take over the current trend, let us see which is going to be the show stopper. Each of the trends will be appreciated by T shirt lovers and the youths will have more to experiment with.