Tuesday, 31 January 2017

5 Tips to Remember When You’re Opting for Brochure Printing

A number of companies opt for flyers and brochures printing as part of their marketing collateral. While brochures can be an extremely effective marketing tool, missing out on simple printing nuances can make or break the final output of your brochure. There are many differences between a low-quality and a high-quality brochure that are based on various factors other than looks. Read on to get 5 important tips for printing your company brochures:

1. Originality and Innovation Matter
While it’s easy to pick a simple brochure design and combine it with your content, try thinking outside the box and create something unique. Having an original and innovative brochure will connect well with your customers and give your business the edge over competitors.
2. You need More than a Design Expert
When designing brochures, you need someone who understands your business and can effectively represent it in your brochure design. Look for a designer who has a sound business knowledge about your industry and is capable to convert ideas into visuals.
3. Your Paper Choice is Crucial
While many companies tend to select a cheaper paper, remember that a heavier paper will deliver a high-quality output. The investment will be worth it when the quality of your brochure can convince your customers about your professionalism and reliability.
4. Maintaining High-Resolutions
Your brochureprinting company will tell you the importance of having images of minimum 300 dpi resolution for good quality printing. Many companies want to save costs and thus, select low-resolution images from the internet. However, this can severely damage your reputation in front of your customers.
5. Don’t Forget Printing Bleed
Many times, designers forget to account for printing bleed, creating a loss in design or content in the final output. There should be ample space beyond the page borders to cover paper movement in printing and minimize design inconsistency.

Remember that your brochure should prompt customers to take a positive action and thus, they must be of the best quality. Contact Red Prints at 8447933986 or visithttp://www.redprints.in/ for best brochure printing services.

The Ultimate Checklist to Choose Between Digital and Offset Printing

Digital printing technology has brought in new advancements, many options and excellent new features in the world of commercial printing. However, it has also brought in some confusion with regards to offset printing. If you can’t decide whether to choose digital printing services or offset printing in Gurgaon, use this checklist to find your answer:

Quantity – Offset printing has a high front-end cost and can be expensive if you’re printing a smaller quantity. On the contrary, digital printing gives you the freedom to print short runs in a cost-effective manner. If you need a large quantity print, opt for offset for a lower unit cost.
Type of Printing – If you need to print something exceptional using a special paper, a unique size or an unusual printing surface, offset printing offers the highest levels of flexibility. Digital printing is surely matching up with its options but many customers prefer offset for different printing ideas.
Colours – While offset printing is cheaper for just one or two colour printing, digital is a better option if you’re looking for four-colour printing. The upfront costs are lower in digital and plus you get maximum colours in your prints.
Accuracy – If you’re using a Pantone palette, offset printers will give you the perfect match as they use Pantone inks for their printing methods. Digital printing uses a four-colour matching process that might not deliver the exact colours as you had designed.
Turnaround Time – If you’re in a hurry to receive the prints, digital always offers a faster turnaround time. For those who have time on their side, offset might be a better solution.
Proofing–As you can see the sample prints in digital, you can be assured of more accurate proofs. Getting an accurate colour proofing in offset printing can be an expensive affair.
Customization– If you’re looking for customized marketing materials like letters, direct mailers or other collateral, digital printing offers more affordable customization.

Consult our printing experts at Red Prints on 8447933986 or visit http://www.redprints.in/ for complete details about all your printing queries.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Promoting your Business by Offering Useful & Attractive Promotional Products

 A well-designed and a rightly executed promotional campaign can do wonders for your business. However, choosing the right products and timing it perfectly for your audience will play a vital role in making your campaign effective. We bring you some crucial strategies for successful business promotions:

Recycled Products – Customers are increasingly becoming aware of the environment issues and thus, giving a recycled product will highly influence your customer’s brand loyalty. Go green in a way that promotes your brand and your corporate image in the long term.
Personalized Products – If you want to promote your company by giving free gifts or offering some unique merchandise, make sure to customize it with your company’s logo or a brand tagline in order to create a strong connect with your customers.
Seasonal Products – If you’re planning on a promotional product to build your brand value, time it in a way that it is most useful for your customer. For instance, an umbrella in the rainy season, cotton t-shirts in summer and jackets in winter.
Demographic Products – Rather than creating universal promotional products, you can segregate your customers and design products that suit individual needs. These can include pen drives for working professionals, pens or notepads for school and college kids, kitchen items for housewives, etc.
Visually Attractive Products – If you’re going to invest in a promotional campaign for your brand, make sure you understand your customers’ tastes and preferences before you go ahead with your products. Every item you give must be stylish and attractive, something that will make your customer happy after getting it.
Events & Exhibitions – You can also create special products for your events and exhibitions and distribute them to ensure brand recall. These can include t-shirts, caps, carry bags, coffee mugs, etc. along with your brand’s logo printed using high-quality offset printing in gurgaon or digital printing technologies.
Reward Customer Loyalty – You can also giveaway great promotional products as a token of appreciation for loyal customers and strengthen your bond with your key audiences.

The right promotional products will definitely influence your customers in a positive way and build your corporate value to a great extent. You can trust Red Prints to deliver exceptional promotional products at affordable prices. Contact us at 8447933986 or visit http://www.redprints.in

5 Reasons Your Business Really Needs a Corporate Uniform

Many successful managers have stressed on the importance of corporate uniforms to enhance productivity and work ethics in the organization. While having a dress code can be vague and confusing, a corporate uniform is universal and appealing to everyone inside and outside the organization. We bring you the top 5 reasons why it may be time for your company to invest in a good quality corporate uniform:

1. Nurturing your Corporate Culture
In a fast-paced business environment, many times employees forget about the corporate culture and don’t execute it in their strategies or executions. Having a uniform will build a strong sense of community and belonging in your team that will nurture a happy and united culture.
2. Achieving Mutual Growth
When everyone is dressed similarly, employees start looking at each other as ‘we’ rather than just ‘me’. This will help in the progress of the team as a whole and will promote the idea of unity in the entire organisation. Having a uniform will also help in achieving synergy as it will develop an efficient workflow.
3. Creating a Sense of Equality
The physical appearance and clothing differences at the workplace can hamper motivation levels and even give birth to superiority and inferiority complexes. If everyone is wearing the same outfit to work, it ensures unaffected high motivation levels and maintains a sense of equality in the organization.
4. Building & Maintaining your Corporate Image
As a business manager, you definitely understand the importance of a strong corporate image in your expansion and growth strategy. Having a professional corporate uniform will help in developing the corporate perception amongst your prestigious clients that can move your business forward.
5. Meeting Industry Demands
Many industries expect the workforce to be dressed in a corporate uniform. This is especially true if the professionals are directly interacting with customers and clients. Having a uniform with your company logo printed through a trusted printing press in Gurgaon will definitely give your business the edge.

Choose a reputed company with the assurance of high-quality digital printing or offset printing to get your corporate uniforms and see the achievements in your business goals!

Red Prints offers customized corporate uniforms at affordable prices. Contact us on   8447933986 or visit http://www.redprints.in/

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Share your Story with a Catchy Customized T-Shirt

T-shirts are an extremely expressive piece of clothing. They spread ideas, add recognition to your event and bring your teammates or schoolmates closer. If you’re looking for a custom t-shirt print for your college fest, sports team or school, you will be delighted to find so many exciting options out there! Your audience will be amazed at the look and feel of customized t-shirts and everyone wearing it will surely wear it with pride. You can browse through a series of images to find the ones that suit your needs perfectly or even design one yourself for your college or school. We bring you some exciting ideas to make your t-shirts speak the language of branding, promotions, connections and success.

T-Shirts for Schools – It’s a great idea to have a customized school t-shirt that can be given to every student who is passing out. Alumnus love wearing their school’s name and brand everywhere they go as it is a status and pride and recognition for the students. You can also get a catchy motto printed on the back of the t-shirt so that it always inspires your students to achieve the highest levels of success in life.
T-shirts for College Fests – If your college is organizing its annual fest, there are various ways in which you can make it stand out from the others and build a brand around the fest. Customized printed t-shirts can act as an excellent promotional tool in case of college fests. You can get the logo of the fest printed on the t-shirt and also sell them on campus to every student who is attending the event. If your event is promoting a specific cause, you can also print a slogan on it to connect with a society on a deeper level.
T-Shirts for Sports Teams – If your school or college has a recognized sports team, you might want to boost their morale by printing great quality t-shirts for the team and their coaches. They can wear it to their matches and also flaunt being a part of the team when they aren’t’ playing. Having a team t-shirt will also bring the entire team together and spread a message of unity for your sports activities.
T-Shirts to Promote your Institute – T-shirts are like a walking billboard wherein they are read by many people without much effort or expenses. If you’re trying to promote a particular educational institute or any other learning centre, you can get customized t-shirts printed and display your message to a large audience, thus increasing your chances of finding new students.
Key Benefits of Having Customized T-Shirts
·         An extremely affordable way to promote your brand, event or fest
·         You get repeat exposure for your message as youngsters love wearing their favourite t-shirt everywhere they go
·         When you choose the right printing press partner with quality digital printing in Gurgaon or offset printing capabilities, your customers will be delighted with the t-shirts
·         Ample of scope for creativity and innovation as you can choose the desired colours, prints, styles to make your t-shirt match your brand
·         An excellent medium of communication and bonding on campus

If you’re looking for promotional materials for your school, college, event or team, customized t-shirts can be a low investment and high returns option! 

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Apparel Manufacturer

In the age of e-commerce, it has become easier for businesses to take off and find success at a faster pace. Especially in the industry of fashion, being a retailer or dealer today is one of the most lucrative ventures. However, in order to be profitable and deliver quality goods to your customers, finding the right apparel manufacturer is integral to your success. If you’ve recently started a clothing brand or are planning to start one, read on to get important tips on choosing your manufacturer.

1. Check The Distribution Channels and Timelines
The stock of your online or offline store will largely be dependent on your manufacturer and therefore, make sure to verify the distribution options before you make a deal. By understanding the delivery process and recognizing your suitability in the supply chain, you can be assured of fast deliveries.
2. Look for A One-Stop Shop
If you’re starting a business with multiple kinds of apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, kids wear, tops, skirts, caps, sportswear, etc.; it is best to choose a manufacturer that offers all these under one roof. This will minimize your hassles and paperwork and ensure a uniform quality and appearance across all your products.
3. Get Multiple Quotes
Don’t just begin your contract with the first company that quotes the least. It is always better to get 3-4 proposals and understand the pros and cons of every company. Also, remember that the lowest cost may not be the ideal manufacturer for the job.
4. Quality Comes First
Especially for new businesses, you can only build customer trust through quality products. Check if the apparel manufacturer has a premium quality printing press in Delhi and offers the highest quality digital printing or offset printing in Gurgaon for your apparel designs. Choose a company that constantly monitors their quality during production and ensures a replacement in case of any faulty garment.
5.Service Matters
You will have to deal with the manufacturers on a regular basis and therefore, their customer service team must be highly equipped to handle all your queries. Also, make sure they are accountable for their work and take responsibility for delivering everything on time.
6. Design & Development Team
It is also important for the manufacturer to have a strong and powerful design and development team that can ensure modern and fashionable garments for your business. Along with a quality fabric, premium stitching and vibrant looks are also important to make your mark in the industry.
7.Garment Sampling
Always opt for apparel and clothing samples before you start bulk production with the manufacturer. This will give you a fair idea of the quality and look and feel of the final product. Only if you are satisfied with the sample you should go ahead with your final order.
8.Negotiation Skills
It is also vital for you to be able to find affordable prices for your business especially since you are starting out. Try and negotiate with the manufacturers so that you will be able to ensure a viable profit margin in your apparel business.

These tips will surely help you launch your brand in the market with the best apparel products. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Market your brand with great craftsmanship

This is an excerpt from a very funny incident and I would like to relate it to printing services because many people take it lightly. Well, one of my friends was interested in getting a tattoo done and went to one never heard of designer. What may have been the result? Of course a disaster!

There are few things that need to get perfect in the first go and this is one of them. Printing services for marketing is another. You may make mistake in internal marketing as that can be corrected. But marketing through membership card printing, carry bags printing etc. can’t be ignored.
How to make marketing a pleasure for others?
Usually marketing strategies are boring. Red Prints on the other adds flavor and fun to your marketing items. Here are a few ways by which you can add an impact to the viewers seeing your work.
·         No one talks about a bad work done. So it is imperative that catalogues printing inDelhi which is a competitive market leaves an everlasting impression
·         How about getting a poster that looks ordinary and plain? Why not get exciting and unique posters printed by Red Prints. They are known to the best in the business with global orders
·         Other marketing items like leaflets and danglers with more on the list can do a lot for your business’s message to reach to the right audience
Compromise is the word you should stay away from because it can compromise with your revenue in the long run.
Don’t make a mistake like the tattoo story as first impression is always the last impression.

Red Prints can be contacted on 8447933986 or www.redprints.in.

No One Pays Attention to but Corporate Uniforms have Significance behind them

Uniform symbolizes homogeneity. More than this, it symbolizes the brand it carries with it. Here I am talking about the corporate uniforms like the uniforms in schools, uniforms in colleges and uniforms in hospitals and offices. We admire the uniforms because it makes everyone look smart and professional. Have you ever given a thought on the hands and mastermind behind the printing of logos and badges on those uniforms? They stand out to attract anyone but hardly does anyone pay attention to the mastery involved.

The badge printing services are available in Delhi, NCR and one name that has been trusted for a while now is Red Prints. It is one of the best printing services in India.
We see wonderful prints on uniforms and at the same time we come across many awfully done ones too. The obvious reaction is we don’t pay heed to what’s written on it. When the prints on badge of corporate uniforms are given the perfect finesse, everyone wants to have a closer look at them. This is what exactly Red Prints has been delivering.
When I got my office’s lanyard logo’s printing services from Red Prints, I happened to visit their office and that is when I learned about their meticulous printing ability. They have an excellent team that has been specialized for different needs of printing as per their skills.
The lanyard print for my office looks professional and artistic at the same time. I know of a school that had got their school’s motto imprinted on the shirt and that was excelled by Red Prints. Excellence is a word that they achieve each time.

If you have any of the needs like I have mentioned, you may get in touch with them on redprints.in and alternatively call them on 8447933986. With the best printing service in Delhi, NCR, get ready to explore a new height of success.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Compromise With Printing Press

Printing was a dream for many before it was invented but after its invention, it became a source of realization of never thought of dreams. Without this evolution of modernity, who would have known the intoxicating fragrance of Classics that we read? The depiction of texts and images into paper or clothes were unthinkable without the Printing Press.

With the overwhelming response to the effect of the printing press, technological advancements were added and now the result is just incredible. In India, we find some of the best printing presses in Delhi and Red Prints is one that is taking the legacy of Printing to a different level.
Why shouldn’t we compromise with the Printing Services?
Well, compromise with quality is directly proportional to the outcome. The better the quality, the better is the result. So if you are in the hunt for the best effect on printing, then only look for the best printing press in Delhi, NCR.
1.       With a number of players in the market, the service providers are highly competitive and in return, you get best printing services in Gurgaon
2.       The service providers of printing have mastered the art of perfection with highly developed technology in use
3.       Most of the books and magazines are printed in Delhi, NCR region, so this definitely talks about their mastery
4.       With the help of printing press, we have access to the books that are world’s best sellers
5.       If you are a starter and you don’t know who to trust, then reviews of the best printingpress in Delhi can give you a better way out
Printed items hold a unique place of luxury as well as grandeur. Whatever the world has evolved into at present is but a big contribution by the print technology. Books are the wisdom temple and if books were not this easily available, then the advancement would have been only a dream.

My friend is a businessman and his experience is what I am expressing through this blog. For quality and fantastic printing, he vouches for Redprints. They can be contacted on 8447933986 and you may also refer to your website www.redprints.in.

7 Ways to Shape Your Business into Concrete Pieces

Have you ever thought of giving a concrete shape to your thoughts? Many of the business entrepreneurs have taken the steps to get this done and are enjoying the fruit of success. Anyone aspiring to make it big in the world of business can actualize their words into something objects that does the work of advertisement as well as talk of the town.Leaflet printing and brochure printing are two of those seven ways. Let us know all the seven ways.
7 ways to shape business into concrete pieces

As per research and study conducted, business ideas grow when they get the food for thought and these seven promising ways are sure shot methods to blossom your business. If you haven’t tried them yet, try them right away.
1.       Book Printing: A book will have no essence of it unless given the touch up of cut, colors, page format and text prints. Most of the authors who are earning big is owing to the idea of getting them printed.
2.       Leaflet and Brochure Printing: A business idea starts in a room but gets to the world with the services offered by many printing presses in India. Leaflet printing as well as brochure printing makes the message of your business more meaningful in attractive way.
3.       Calendar printing: New Year is the best time of the year to hit the hammer so that you get people to choose you as their favorites. Most of the printing presses in Delhi, NCR get into making catchy calendars as gifts for other competitors and general public.
4.       Customized Mug printing: This is another fancy way of making two use of the product. One can sip coffee and read the punch lines of your company or use it as a decorative piece on their work cubicle.
5.       T Shirt Printing: I would like to quote Redprints, an innovation in itself on mastering this printing service along with the rest. The company has been excelling and a name trusted in Delhi for extraordinary services of printing it has to offer.
6.       Danglers Printing: Danglers are fancy items that add glamor to your thoughts without much complication. Try it and experience the result.
7.       Wedding card printing:The first look of a wedding card impacts our mind to know more about the printing press because words can be given by anyone but the way they are put to work make them more attractive.

By now you must have made up your mind in trying these ways out. I would personally recommend Redprints that excels to give you the perfect product for your business needs with the best customer service one can ask for. After all, behavior does matter for a long lasting relationship. They can be contacted on the number 8447933986. My recent venture with them was amazing and I recommend all young entrepreneurs to get in touch with them for a better advertisement.